At the moment, it is unclear how much time Casanova will receive, but the rapper’s court case was updated this week. Back in December 2020, Casanova turned himself over to the authorities after it was alleged that he was a member of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang. He denied the allegations against him as he was charged with charges related to drug trafficking, weapons, and later, attempted murder. This week, Casanova pleaded guilty to charges involving robbery and drug dealing, but the attempted murder case was taken off the table.

Following the news, Casanova took to his Instagram account to suggest that the authorities kept him “in the box” for the past few months as a means to pressure him into copping to a plea.

“The system is crazy they had me in the box for four months for no reason,” the rapper wrote. “Probably so I can take this plea. As soon as I copped out they moved me straight from court to Essex County without my knowledge and without any of my property, legal work or nothing SMH this is crazy.”

Today, he returned with a thank you message for Chris Brown who apparently looked out for him financially.

“Thank you @ChrisBrownOfficial check cleared!” wrote Casanova. “You were one of the first persons to believe in me that will never go over my head! [fingers peace sign emoji][red X emoji].” During his incarceration, the rapper lamented over people abandoning or not helping him as he awaited his fate. Brown is being applauded for looking out for Casanova and not feeling it necessary to tell anyone about it.

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