Ciara is, without a doubt, a living legend. She’s been in the music industry since the early 2000s, and she hasn’t lost it yet. The mother of three is still capable of hitting notes and performing complex dance routines just like she used to do back in the day.

That’s probably why social media is going crazy over her latest act. The 36-year-old took the stage at the Lovers & Friends festival in Las Vegas this past weekend. Videos have surfaced of her de ella performing de ella to her de ella hit song, “Ride” featuring Ludacris. As the song faded out, it transitioned into “Rodeo” by the City Girls.

Future Publishing/Getty Images

The upbeat song turned CiCi into a twerking machine. She turned to let the crowd see her rear end of her, then she began shaking and gyrating on the stage. As she bounced up and down and slapped her butt, the crowd cheered and egged her own. While a lot of people got to see Ciara’s moves from her in person, others simply had to watch and reflect on social media.

On Twitter, the artist is trending as users praise her for her moves and longevity in the entertainment industry. One supporter wrote, “One thing about it, #Ciara is ALWAYS going to give the girls a show.” Another added, “The Queen is back in her element!”

As clips also circulate on Instagram, viewers are talking about how in love Russell Wilson must be with his wife– as well as her moves.

Check out her routine below, along with some tweets from her admiring fans.