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The Book Gallery's inaugural May Book Fest is just a week away

The Book Gallery’s inaugural May Book Fest is just a week away

A festival like no other is coming to the city of Greenville, where attendees will be able to feed not only their stomachs, but their brains as well.

On Saturday, May 21, from 1 pm to 5 pm, the Book Gallery, located at 647 South Theobald St., will host its first May Book Festival.

Book Gallery owner Mary Hardy said the festival will feature some of the best writers in the South and will take place in and around the establishment.

“There will be a plethora of books available, such as children’s books, self-help, memoirs, biographies, poetry, novellas, novellas, young adult Christian fiction, and historical fiction,” Hardy said.

Additionally, there will be book giveaways for festival attendees along with a chance to win mystery cash prizes.

And naturally, the festival will feature the necessary music, food and laughter, as well as readings from the festival’s list of writers.

Hardy added, “Get out, mingle, and chat with the best writers in the South.”

Featured writers will include Meredith Coleman McGee, Gwendolyn Maberry Bell, Janice Neal-Vincent, Shirley Francis, William Trest Jr., Malesha Smith, Irma Mae Rodgers Walker, Rosalind Thomas McCreary, Maurice Blair, and Kyra Robinson-Bradley.

Coleman McGee is a literacy advocate and publisher of Meredith Etc. – a small press based in Jackson. She is the author of 10 books, including “Midnight Moon,” “Every Inch Love Will,” “Odyssey,” and “James Meredith.”

Maberry Bell is a Jackson Public Schools teacher, award-winning author, and director of ROCAAT Ministries. Proceeds from her coloring and activity book, “I Learn to Read,” fund summer reading books, school supplies, and school uniforms.

Neal-Vincent, considered a national treasure, is an award-winning author, spoken word choir director, performance artist, poet, and retired teacher who wrote “A Little of Me” and “A Little of You: Spoken Word Choir Book.”

Francis is an award-winning author who hails from Pensacola, Florida. His new book, “No Recipe Intended,” contains a collection of cutting edge poems and short stories for mature readers.

Trest Jr. is a Laurel native and Ole Miss alumnus. He wrote two novels, “Reverse Plea” and “The New Populist Party.” The latter circulates in the textbook market. He now lives in Jackson.

Smith, a Lexington native, is the author of a novel for young adult readers called “Lily Darling.” The main character, Lily, is a high school student whose story inspires and renews identity: self-esteem.

A native of Sharkey County, Walker wrote a popular self-help book called “Mother Wit.” This work touches the entire family unit with salvia for teens, parents, and couples.

McCreary, who was born in Bramwell, West Virginia, resides in Jackson, where she serves as the editor of a weekly devotional. The main character of her play, “Shades of Difference”, challenges the dominant ideology.

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