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The importance of modern forex levels today 2022

nice breakout as you can see from the candle size the market is quite is behaving quite good so the breakout was fine no retest at first uh the price adding to the zero zero then retesting the trend line and then continue to go down to 2172 so in a nice trade i mean i prefer this kind of charts where the candles are pretty small and and the market is uh relatively quiet
okay it’s going down calmly so you have all the time to open the trade you don’t find yourself in a very very uh volatile situation australian dollar and the canadian one the breakout was pretty good in 1964.
um you know this is kind of a situation when uh you are very close to the 50 level so me personally i will go for a scalp for the 50 level okay of course i would have to analyze on the more time frame always analyze higher time frames and see what what’s happening on the higher floors so you got an idea where the price is adding
so the breakout was good the price re-tested the previous level at 1975
and then went down to 1942 so this is a nice situation for scalping especially when you’re very close to the 50 level because the price will fill this magnet but remember you need a strategy to trade the market
us dollar and turkish lira nice nice textbook trade as you can see we got everything in line we got a price for testing this zone uh close to the zero zero level and rebounding many times one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve uh we get this bullish engulfing even if you see more green candles if you go on the higher time frames you’ll find a nice screen cap here so a nice nice buy signal just before the breakout but wait for the breakout and then the price started to go up to 15 11 38 huge one huge one let’s jump to the australian dollar and as we see we have a triangle signal break at 69 47.
this is a very no-no situation always because we are very close to the 50 levels expect the price to re-test many times in fact as you can see you know i went back up from testing the trend line just closed the 50. went down the first time to the 30 and then again close to the 50 level so remember when you are in this kind of situation that levels are very important okay
new zealand dollar and usd we have sell signal back in 63 42 this trade is still on fire um we’ll see what will happen market is looking quite good nice bearish shippers it’s close to the 50 level so i’m gonna expect every tested list but price action looks pretty good because we got a nice nice bearish and pleasure
so that’s it for today let me know what you think about this video if you want to other kind of videos like i don’t know fibonacci copy trading harmonic patterns market analysis leave a comment below let me know what you think so for today’s everything see you soon bye bye
Disclaimer: trading is a high risk business, do not invest more than you are willing to lose. The information contained in this video is purely for information purposes, no operation should be carried out based on what is seen in the video. The author of the video declines any responsibility for any losses due to decisions made after watching this video. Past performance is no guarantee for future ones. Thanks.
a textbook trade on silver on the five minutes time frame watch the evidence in the end because i’m gonna explain you the importance of levels on forest market hello everybody welcome to my channel i’m back with another forex trendy episode today i’m going to show you what happened on the forest market and on the five minute time frame this video is dedicated to all the traders that want to trade trends so we are going to exploit continuation patterns and see the best way and find the best way to make money on first market remember this is not a get quick rich business but this is a long term it’s a marathon so the first goal of the trader is to protect the account
you can protect the account using stop loss having a good or many good working strategies
and setting realistic uh goals okay so don’t be in a retweet to make money because you aren’t going to lose them first market is a complicated market it’s unpredictable so stay calm opportunities will show off don’t worry will appear on the chart so there will be always an opportunity to make money so the first trade of the day is the euro and the germany and this is why i’m gonna i was giving you this advice we got this very nice breakout here at 37.71 but remember it’s very close to the fifth level in fact after the breakout the price uh tested the 8411 and then fell down here retesting the 50 level psychological level okay so after this very strong retest double bottom forming the price started to go up reaching the 38.25 so in illustrate remember about the levels the 50 and the zero psychological levels are very important make your considerations okay silver we have a textbook trade.

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